Hi, I'm Alexis!

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A little about me: Serving and helping my clients look gorgeous, my aim is to bring professional beauty and quality cosmetics to all. 

MakeUp is my passion, and my inspiration.

Early life: Since I was a kid I knew I wanted to pursue a career in makeup. Born and raised in New York City, life in the lower east side of Manhattan introduced fashion and beauty in my life. The city life impacted my style, personality and the way I view things. After 10 years in New York , my family and I moved to Chicago, where we spent the next four years before moving to California. 

As a certified MakeUp Artist in the state of California, I have helped 100's of clients obtain the looks of their dreams. I enjoy a career that not only allows me to show off my skills but also help others show off their desired looks. 

If you're looking for a well trained & certified makeup artist to create The Perfect Look for your next event, maybe a bridal party, or for any other occasion, then please fill this contact form and I'll be in touch with you shortly.

My portfolio and past experience(s) include fashion shows, runways, weddings, corporate events, film and TV Shoots, and more. 



 Tel. 714-603-8411


16 Technology Drive Suite 159

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Monday - Sunday: 9:00 - 5:00


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What I specialize in

Bridal Events


Fashion Shows

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"Madison really does a great job matching my foundation. I have a dark skin tone so it has always been awfully hard for me to not just get the right color, but also the correct blending. Really recommend you get Madison to be your MUA, she'll wow you."

- Mary N.

"Eyebrows have always been the hardest part about my makeup. Madison really knows how to create the perfectly symmetrical brows. Shaping them and concealing them, making them not just look Natural but also stand out. I don't  know how she does it, but hit her up for an amazing make over."
- Karen C.

"I've had multiple MakeUp Artists work on me, but I was never satisfied with the final photos. Either the foundation wouldn't come out right, or the colors would be all over the place. But I was so surprised when I worked with Madison. She did an amazing job color-correcting my skin and making my face look very smooth & natural on camera. She made a point to analyze the looks from the lens of the camera, that way there were no surprises - Genius!!!. I highly recommend you work with Madison for your photo shoots and other events."

- Nikki A.