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Hello, I am Elena, your Permanent Makeup Artist.

I have worn many hats and tried different paths but my most favorite thing to do in life is to work with my hands, creating beauty. When I discovered permanent makeup I knew right away that this is my path and I want to learn in depth everything about it. Now upon completing many courses, it has become my passion and my devotion.

Our face is our identity, and it plays a tremendous role in social interaction. Eyebrows accentuate the eyes and often express our feelings, emotions, mood, desires, etc.

This is why brows deserve a lot of attention when it comes to your image. Your aesthetically- pleasing look is 99% of your success.

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Microblading is one of my favorite approaches to creating perfectly-manicured brows. Its is a very gentle and a very meticulous way of implanting pigment into the skin. It is done by using a hand tool to deposit the pigment into the superficial layers of the skin, resembling natural hair,  and with the appropriate care can last up to 3 years. After the treatment, it is hardly possible to distinguish the difference between microbladed hair and natural brows hair. Microblading is the method for everyone because it helps to enhance eyebrows, conceal imperfections, give a fuller look, correct the shape, or give you the whole new eyebrows.

My other favorite approach to eyebrow creation is shading, which often called OMBRE.

Shading can be done by using a machine or a hand tool. This method of micropigmentation enables to deposit the pigment into ALL skin types and it tends to last longer with proper care. With shading you can achieve not only the perfect shape but also the ideal color look, enhancing the stronger features of your own brows. Thus, shading adds definition and depth to your eyebrows.

Additionally, microblogging and shading are often done in combination

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My portfolio and past experience(s) include working for professionals, celebrities, etc.

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I have always been skeptical getting a permanent makeup done to my face, but Elena is a true professional. She really understands the process and made it a breeze. And I simply love her facility

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My goal is to always create the next best look I’ve never had



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