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institute of makeup artistry

Making the world pretty

Looks can be deceiving, and a makeup artist's job is to make sure just that!

Our Certified MakeUp Artists are fully trained to work with wide variety face structures, performs an array of techniques and become the next best Artist!

Making a Mark!

Our Certified MUA impact hundreds of lives in the most positive way. Be it creating the perfect Hollywood Look, or curating a fashion runway shows, the skills you learn at ALLURE will allow you to become the next Top MakeUp Artist.

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Model in pink jewelry
Gold Eyes
Permanent Makeup Procedure
Woman With Makeup
Cabaret Makeup
Dramatic Model
Bohemian Girl
Pretty in White
B&W Dramatic Pose
Woman with the Rose
Makeup Application
Gothic Makeup
Floral Headpiece
Natural Lip Gloss
Pink Glow
Makeup Palette
Editorial Makeup
women wearing makeup
Beautiful Model with Bright Makeup
Man and Woman in Black
Bright Manicure and Lipstick
Naked Beauty
Dramatic Model
Dramatic Pose
Bathtub Photo Shoot
Rock Style
Sleek Blonde
Fashion Editorial
Redhead Model Close-Up
Jewelry Model
Model with Cuban Look
Makeup Artist
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Stylish Woman
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eyeliner makeup
Model with Makeup
Dramatic Makeup
Red Lips
Exotic Photo Shoot
Pretty Asian Model

Allure IMA

So You Wanna Become a Make-Up Artist?

Who's a Make-Up Artist?

An Artist of the Human Skin! With their exceptional skills, talent and thorough training & education, MakeUp artists are able to help other's look and feel great. 

From Makeovers to Fashion shows, runways, hollywood, bridal events, corporate parties, and more, none of these can exist without the exceptional talent of MakeUp artists. Allure MakeUp Artists are well versed in many techniques, which allow them to not just fullfill the role of MUA but to excel at it.

How can YOU become a Certified MakeUp Artist?

To become a Certified MakeUp Artist (CMA) in the state of California you can receive your certification by completing a MakeUp Artist Course. 

MakeUp Courses can vary depending on the level of professional MakeUp you want to learn. Although most aspiring CMAs opt to complete the Professional MakeUp Course, you also have options of enrolling in many of the other available courses with lower time constraints and fewer techniques to learn. 

How long will it take to get Certified?

Majority of MakeUp Artsits pursuing the professional makeup course will be fully trained and certified in 20-32 weeks. If you're looking to pursue the Basic Artistry program then you can expect to finish your course in as fast as 2 weeks.

At Allure our priority is to train and produce the BEST class of MakeUp Artists. For that reason, you are given complete flexibility and support. Having the option of block classes, weekend classes and evening classes allows everyone to be able to pursue their career goals at Allure Institute of MakeUp Artistry.

Will I receive real life CMA Experience?


Allure Institute of MakeUp Artistry makes no compromise when the subject is that of our student's career. With your success at the forefront of our principles, we spend a lot of time and resources in making sure that all of our amazing CMAs in training get to learn real life CMA experience. What does that mean?

- working on movie (& shows) sets

- attending CWI conferences

- exclusive CMA for Sue Talks Events

- Bridal/Weddings

- Fashions Shows

And much more.. 

Why do we bring these opportunities to our students? Because as a CMA your resume is your portfolio. An Allure Professional CMA graduates from our school with not just an exceptional porfolio to show off, but also:

- Free Business Training

- Free Business Cards

- Free Website Buildout

- Free Social Media Marketing Consultation

- Free access to all Allure Events

- & Professional Discount Memberships



Institute of

Makeup Artistry

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