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Madi is a highly trained California based Certified Makeup Artist . Her love for art and makeup started at a very early age and in 2012 her passion blossomed into a career.

Madi took her talent of drawing an painting
and brought her artwork to life through makeup artistry.
Since young she had the passion of colors whether in the form of paintings or makeup. When young,
she used to win international competitions of paintings ,thus the drive and ambition of becoming an
artist was noticed by her parents who supported her passion of becoming an artist.
Having a business background , her parents wanted her to get business education. In 2008 she
completed her bachelors and later on in 2011 she got her masters degree with majors in Marketing . She applied her marketing and business strategies at various work places.
Madi describes makeup artistry as “painting on a living canvas" as she explains, every canvas(face of
client/model) is different whether it come to shape colour or texture. Each canvas must be specially
prepared to generate a flawless outcome.”

After getting into cosmetology school, she got her training in hair do and is maximally devoted to bothareas. She loves creating different looks and making her customers feel satisfied by her exquisitemakeover. She keeps her passion of makeup alive by attending seminars and events where she canenhance her skill-set.Madi's forte consists of bridal, special event and casual makeup looks. Her favorite part is to see hercustomers satisfaction by their words through reviews and loyalty.



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"Madison really does a great job matching my foundation. I have a dark skin tone so it has always been awfully hard for me to not just get the right color, but also the correct blending. Really recommend you get Madison to be your MUA, she'll wow you."

- Mary N.

"Eyebrows have always been the hardest part about my makeup. Madison really knows how to create the perfectly symmetrical brows. Shaping them and concealing them, making them not just look Natural but also stand out. I don't  know how she does it, but hit her up for an amazing make over."
- Karen C.

"I've had multiple MakeUp Artists work on me, but I was never satisfied with the final photos. Either the foundation wouldn't come out right, or the colors would be all over the place. But I was so surprised when I worked with Madison. She did an amazing job color-correcting my skin and making my face look very smooth & natural on camera. She made a point to analyze the looks from the lens of the camera, that way there were no surprises - Genius!!!. I highly recommend you work with Madison for your photo shoots and other events."

- Nikki A.