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Becoming the expert MakeUp Artist is No joke

Updated: May 25, 2018

Beauty industry has been reformed over the years, and the beauty education needs to adjust to address the changing market.

Are you a MakeUp Artist? Maybe you're hoping to one day become one? Perhaps you're just an avid makeup fan and wanted to learn more about what makes a perfect makeup artist. Today we bring this article to you as a tool for all the makeup artists to better understand the industry standards and learn how to excel at as a MUA.

A certified MakeUp Artist's canvas is their client's skin. Working with an array of skin tone and texture, a MUA brings the client's dream to reality.

When Janice decided to become a makeup artist, she had zero clue what the next steps should be. Janice asked her parents for advice, but as you can imagine, they didn't quite consider her choice of profession to be too great. Unfortunately, the jobs in beauty & makeup industry carry a dogma of being "not so fancy", even though they require intense education and training. So as you can expect, Janice couldn't get much of her questions answered. To her good fortune, she came across a friendly admissions counselor at a local MakeUp Institute who helped her answer all the questions. The counselor was kind enough to help Janice map out her path and re-align her carer goals. Unfortunately, not every beauty professional has access to resources and support for their field of study. This series of articles is an additional resource for any future (or even current) makeup professionals who are seeking to begin the journey of becoming "The Expert MakeUp Artist".

As we move along with this series, please feel free to critique, question or comment on anything that the author shares.

As always, we Thank you sincerely for taking the time to read and learn from this very valuable resource. Keep making the world prettier & happier with each stroke of your brush! #expertMUA.

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