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Institute of MakeUp Artistry


was founded with a single motto: "To bring to the world of makeup professionals a new and revised way of learning"

We are proud to be able to provide to you the platform on which not only can you be sure to develop as a Certified MakeUp Artist (MUA), but also have access to tools and services that will allow you to grow even beyond the scope of the course. 

The founders of ALLURE enjoy a resume filled with Yale, Pepperdine, CSUF, Makeup and Beauty Schools, and many more great universities, but that is not what makes us the best in the industry. It is our devotion for the beauty & health industry, our craze for the colorful pigments, our intense spirit to reform the beauty education. But most importantly it is our WANT to develop a class of MUAs that are not only better experienced and educated than the average artist, but also posses the skill set to make a name for themselves (and us - hey, we like to take pride in our superstars!!)

The curriculum put in place at ALLURE has been designed and re-designed dozens of times, to provide all our students with a thorough understanding of the various makeup techniques. Our trained CMAs are pro-efficient in working major events like Weddings, Corporate Events, Movies & Theatre, Talk Shows, and many other places.

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Main Campus(s):

Orange County

16 Technology Drive Suite 159

Irvine, CA 92618 USA


Phone: (844)-452-7654​  

Text: (323)-621-4004

Email: info@allureima.com

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